Monday, February 11, 2008

Disclaimer / Intro / About Me

There are a lot of great music blogs out there in the world, and I think the last thing the world really needs right now is another music blogger to rate, compare and criticize bands and talk industry shit.

I read Radio Free Silverlake, The Daily Swarm, Exitfare, Stereogum, The Tripwire and Aquarium Drunkard regularly and a host of others irregularly and really, that's enough for me.

So the focus of this blog, rather than to exclusively post MP3s and to repeat all the ground the above mentioned blogs are covering is to talk about music through the lens of a touring (and occasional) recording musician. I'll pretty much cover stuff that I am familiar with, starting with my local music scene and expanding to other areas in California where I spend a lot of time -- like San Francisco, Los Angeles, Merced, Modesto, Sacramento, Visalia and Arcata. I'll review restaurants, hotels, venues, shows and bands and make recommendations if I feel really passionate about something.

At least that is the idea. We'll see how it goes.

BTW, I have a band called Rademacher and am partners in a recording studio that I will try not to mention too often. Not that I am making any claims of having any journalistic integrity (or integrity in general for that matter).

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Adam said...

Good to have you aboard; always nice to have another Fresno blogger.