Thursday, February 28, 2008

California : Places To Be (Or, "Big time rollers, part-time models")

I know I promised that I'd have that Tim Kasher footage up for today, but I lagged. Apparently, ripping and editing DVDs takes a lot longer than I estimated. It will be coming up soon though.

I thought I would post about several events that are taking place in California this weekend. Due to the fact that Noisepop, San Francisco's own little indie music fest, is taking place this weekend, the entire state has been inundated with grade A touring acts like Cursive, British Sea Power and Throw Me the Statue (a new fave of mine).

The benefits of an event like Noisepop seem to be marginal for the bands that participate -- and the why, what, how of who gets into the festival -- has always felt to me like a complicated hipster who-knows-who buddy system. And the required fees for sonicbid submission to these sort of festivals (CMJ, SXSW, Noisepop) have always seemed kinda sketchy

The benefits for the rest of us kids not on the roster of acts for Noisepop are pretty huge. There are a ton of bands in state and not enough places for them all to play. Blitzen Trapper and Tilly and the Wall are both playing LA tomorrow. Tonight British Sea Power is at Spaceland (after playing the Echo on Tuesday). Meanwhile, in San Francisco you could have your choice between the Walkmen at The Independent or Quasi at the Rickshaw Stop.

Following are my picks for what I would be doing if I could be in three places at once tonight. San Francisco, Fresno and Los Angeles.

Los Angeles

Like I mentioned, you've got options galore tonight, what with British Sea Power basically taking up residency for the last couple days along with What Made Milwaukee Famous. If those two bands moved in together, wow, what a reality show that would be. Crazy Brits meet soulful Austinites in lavish 6 bedroom mansion in the Hills... like Laverne & Shirley meets the Young Ones. That would be rad.

For my money, tonight, I would veer away from those big fancy shows and head to The Echo to see the Mezzanine Owls. Obviously I adore this band, but more than that, I like the venue and I like the whole line-up. Both as musicians and people. If you go, I think you'll be hard pressed not to have a truly great time.

San Francisco

You gotta go see Quasi!!! Do it for me! I love them and I have never gotten the chance to see them do the live thing! The Walkmen show at The Independent is already sold out anyway! Plus, the Rickshaw Stop is the best venue in San Francisco. It is All Ages, the staff is friendly, and they regularly stick their necks out to support experimental and independent artists. This place is a real labor of love and Quasi is the perfect lo-fi, dynamic, and incredibly interesting band to play the room. This is my second favorite place to see shows after Tonic in NYC. Very fun. Very open minded. very important.

Central Valley

Folks in the middle know exactly where they should be. Visalia. Tonight Cursive will be playing in a pizza parlor to 200 lucky kids. If you have a ticket, you're in good shape. If you don't, well, that really sucks. there will be a limited number of tickets available at the door, better get in line now.

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