Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Rademacher with Airborne Tour Diary : Day Five, Day Six, something like that... by Greer

Last night we played at Neumo's in Seattle. It was a rough trip getting up here. Our Orange Dodge Carvan left Arcata at 7:30am. It was a beautiful day to drive through Northwest rainforests. No Rain, but no NPR in this area; we made due. (I am a very big fans of NPR, "wait wait don't tell me", "This American Life", etc.) We haven't convinced our new drummer Eden of the awesomeness of NPR, but I'm confident by the end of this tour she'll be a fan.

Around 2:30 we stopped in Eugene, OR and picked up the last half of an episode of "Wait wait don't tell me" featuring Amy Sedaris and Drew Carey.

It was looking like we were going to be on time for the show in Seattle, when we hit rain and traffic in Tacoma. So the expected 9 hour drive turned into an 11 hour drive and for a minute there it looked like we might not make the show at all, So the ease of cruising 65 and playing MASH (which determined that I would live in a house in a swamp in Louisiana) turned into "if that god-damn trailer doesn't get outta the left lane, I swear, I will slap him across the face". If you've ever been in a car for 11+ hours you know the strain it places on one's sanity.

We got to Neumo's and rushed our equipment in with 30 minutes to spare. The house sound person was a dude named Evan, who is friends with our friends The Cave Singers. He was an awesome dude and between him and Ian, the monitor sound person, we had the best sound on tour, with only a quick line check. Seattle's crowd was the warmest we've played for. Everywhere we play, people love the Airborne Toxic Event, but in Seattle people L-O-V-E them. It was really great to watch.

After that we crashed with our friends from Seattle, the band By Sunlight. They are super rad and treat us nice. They make great music as well.


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